Educational Materials

Below are some fun projects to bring ancient history to life! I’ve created kids activity sheets and colouring books using classical art and cartoons. These are free for home and educational use with attribution. If you would like custom materials created for your school, museum or study, please get in touch via the contact me tab.

Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Marble Trade Networks in the Roman Empire

In the Roman period, access to building and decorative materials were accessible to wealthy Romans from all the reaches of their empire. To find out how this worked, download the activity sheets below! They are free to use and share, so I hope you enjoy!


Example Activity Sheets

Here are some examples of public outreach activity sheets I have made for public outreach programmes at Roman Aeclanum, Italy and Ilfracombe Museum’s free to download. New activity sheets will be uploaded regularly, with exclusive activity packages available on my Patreon for personal or educational use.

Women at Work in the Roman Empire

You can download the newest activity sheets of Roman women in work here:


Classical Cartoon Colouring Books

During this period of the Covid-19 lockdown I wanted to use the sketches I’ve made during my travels and turn them into something that could entertain and educate kids and adults. There are several volumes available for PDF download on my blog post ArchaeoArtist’s Classical Cartoons. Please feel free to download and share.


Vita Romana: life along the Via Appia

As part of public engagement for the Aeclanum project, I created a comic book depicting daily life in the region. The comic highlights classical architecture and clothing, and demonstrates the daily routine in the town. To read about my experiences on the dig and why public engagement with archeology is important, visit my blog post about Aeclanum.

Download a copy below!

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