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THE VISUALISING WAR PODCAST: the University of St Andrews

St Andrews Visualising War project banner; public outreach.

As a post-graduate research assistant for the University of St Andrews Classics department-led Visualising War project directed by  Alice König & Nicolas Wiater , which explores interdisciplinary creatives, writers, academics and more who interact with war and its representation, I was brought on to help develop the podcast from the ground up with the team. For this project I have created a training materials, podcast art, IT support, guidance documents and podcast skill-building training.

With experience from sound editing for my own podcast, Two Friends Talk History, I provided sound editing for the weekly episodes released by the Visualising War podcast, and the Visualising Strategy bonus episodes produced by Dr Sneha Reddy and Dr Katarina Birkedal (2021).

AUTOCRACY: the University of St Andrews

To accompany the blog posts for The Autocracy: leadership, ancient and modern project (2021), Dr Emma Buckley and Dr Consuelo Martino created a podcast where they interview academics working on different aspects of research which touches on representations of ancient leadership. As with the Visualising War podcast, I edited and mixed the episodes.

Freelance Consultation and Podcast Set-up

I provide consultation in 1 -2 hour sessions with creatives planning and developing their own podcasts. I can provide planning guidance, training and set-up at standard hourly rates based on the particular needs of the commission. I can provide quotes based on an hourly rate (or whole estimate) for podcast art creation, sound editing or light IT support. I am happy to discuss needs specific to your project. Click HERE for contact details.

Project Development

It can take quite a lot of time to learn all of the elements required to produce and create a podcast. Producing a podcast requires juggling a few balls in the air at once, but quickly can become streamlined if well organised from the start. If you need foundational support to set up your podcast, I offer training sessions based on any particular or general needs you may have.

Audio editing

An audio editor gives your recordings a more professional polish; you can have editing work at a basic level (catching the mistakes and gaps) or at a more detailed level like a copywriter (taking out waffling and ‘ums’, or even sound editing for flow). Estimates for editing work are done by an hourly rate, and additional light IT support or recording guidance can be requested as well.

graphic design and Branding

Designing podcast art and logos is an important part of creating a distinctive brand and visual calling card for the podcast. Since social media is a large part of a podcasts success in reaching new audiences, creating effective branding can help. I design bespoke pieces for podcasts that suit the tone and theme of the podcast creators.

Do you have a project you would like help with?

If you have any questions about rates or the types of freelancing podcasting services offered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through my Contact page or email directly at Zofia.Astrid@gmail.com.

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