Welcome to ArchaeoArtist!

Archaeo Artist:

A traveller’s blog, public outreach, podcasting and art site.

My name is Zofia Guertin, and I am an avid traveller, archaeology and classics student, immersed in the art and history of antiquity. While working on my studies, I explore the ancient world through travel and art.

Join me here to explore the ancient world through my travel blog which focuses on art and archaeology! This site is a platform to share experiences and my passion for the ancient world.

New art is posted regularly and there are links to contact, online shop, public outreach materials and commissions.


Custom art and commissioned work for heritage sites, museums, and travel sketching.

Public Outreach

Art for public outreach and educational (fun) podcasting!

blogging & social media

My blog in which I explore sites, material culture and ideas through my travels and PhD studies.