Two Friends Talk History Podcast

A podcast where two friends…talk history! Two Friends Talk History is a podcast where public historian, Zofia, chats with scholars, archaeologists, researchers and more to explore fascinating histories, look behind the scenes and ask the big question that’s missing in much academic discourse: so what? Why is this relevant today?

Each Episode has New Friends on Two Friends

Carrying on from season 1 in which Zofia and Liam explored the ancient world through stories and interviews, season 2 invites new friends to Two Friends. With this podcast, I am interested in exploring global histories, landscapes and many other topics with my awesome guests!

The Bianchi Plague Processions of 1399 Two Friends Talk History

In this week's episode, Zofia is joined by Dr Alex Lee to discuss the popular religious processions that took place in northern and central Italy from 1399-1400 in response to the outbreak of deadly plague. These processions were called ‘Bianchi’ because of their adherent’s white robes. We discuss Dr Lee's research into the religious responses from the community members as they went on processions, what they could expect on their journeys as well as the bureaucratic organisation from within the local communities to organise these religious expressions.  Alex's website is an incredible resource for this topic, so please check it out if you'd like to know more or get in touch with her at @AlexRALee on Twitter!Find us on InstagramSupport us through Patreon Shop Two Friends merch on RedbubbleExplore more resources and topics about the ancient world on ArchaeoArtistMusic by the wonderfully talented Chris SharplesIf you'd like to get in touch, email at
  1. The Bianchi Plague Processions of 1399
  2. Shining a Light on Roman Houses
  3. Stoicism and Marcus Aurelius
Episode 9 “Lands of Ice” featured my interview with Jennie Heyes, an incredible storyteller and Inuit elder, who shared stories about her nomadic childhood in Nunavut.

The art for Two Friends Talk History

With each episode, I wanted to find a way to include art into this project, since that gives me life. One of the coolest parts about starting this podcast is that each topic inspired some wild mash-up and ignited creative ideas that I could channel into episode art! I use historical and archaeological sources for style and content to inspire the artistic renderings! You can find fabulous Two Friends Talk History merchandise here on my Redbubble Shop!

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I am so excited to learn and share new things on this project! It’s a totally wild ride creating a podcast, so please bare with me while I get my hosting sea legs! Please check it out on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and anywhere else you listen to your podcasts. Ratings and reviews are fundamental to gaining any visibility, so please check it out and leave a review!