About me

Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Zofia is a student of Classical Archaeology and an artist living in Scotland.

Zofia studied Fine Arts at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C. then completed a BA in History and Humanities and a BGS in Museum Studies and Archaeology at Simon Fraser University. In 2013, Zofia then moved to the United Kingdom to complete an MSc in Classical Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, writing her dissertation on the iconography of Isiac sculptures in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Zofia is currently working on a PhD in Classics at the University of St Andrews. Her PhD examines monumental Aegyptiaca (Egypt-referencing material culture) in urban environments in the Roman period.

Throughout her academic studies, Zofia has created art that engages with the ancient world. Examples of her work as a Public Archaeology Coordinator for Roman Aeclanum. Zofia explores ancient history through art blogging, creating educational materials and podcasting. In 2020, Zofia and Dr L. Gale launched a public-oriented history podcast, Two Friends Talk History, which she is continuing in a second series with multi-disciplinary guests for each episode.

Zofia is currently collaborating on a project website called ArchaeoKids with Dr G.F. de Simone, the director of the Apolline Project, Italy, which aims to develop a site that includes materials specific to Roman history and archaeology which can be used as free resources for educators. 

 All of the photos and drawings on this site are by created by Zofia Guertin, unless credited otherwise.

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