1. Introduction

Inspiration and Memory

1. Introduction

Over the last ten years I have had a multitude of moments where I stood atop a mountain, under arches, lay among ruins, swam in seas and stood face to face with some of the most impressive pieces of art ever made. In these quiet and exhilarating moments, I have often been alone.

I have sketched and photographed these incredible places but often wished I could have shared the experience, the history and the spirit of those moments.

Isis and Nepthys art commission. 2017

I did not have this hunger to explore until my mid-twenties. Toiling away in employment that offered little reward, I put all of my effort into my education for many years. It was during this time that I seized on an opportunity to study abroad in Greece for 9 months. That decision changed my life, my journey and grew a love of archaeology and travel within that burns brighter every day.
I am now rich in time as I work towards getting myself a professional position within the archaeological community of the United Kingdom, and there is no better time than the present!
I will start this blog non-chronologically, and as time progresses I will hopefully catch up with me!

IMG_20151116_114208299_HDR (2).jpgAqueduct in Rome. 2014

One of the many facets of my studies and travels that has been enriching and interesting to me has been the ability to teach strangers, friends and loved ones along the way about the incredible things I have learned and seen. Beauty for beauty’s sake certainly, but contextualizing and adding the depth of history to a striking vista…well that is a more remarkable thing.

1. Introduction
Aviemore -Scotland. 2014

I will also endeavor to add in the ‘WHY DOES THIS MATTER’, as nothing is more infuriating to audiences when they have no idea why they should care about some dry piece of history or some stodgy/smutty statue.

IMG_7166Sketch of ‘Dama de Elche’ – Madrid. 2014

Trust me.

There is so much more going on than you can imagine!

So, if your interest is peaked, feel free to check out my blog and explore some little known gems alongside some of the biggest, most spectacular sites of the ancient world!


Author: Zofia

I am a student of Classical Archaeology and an Artist living in Scotland. My passion for travel and Ancient History takes me to incredible archaeological sites which inspire and influence my art.

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  1. Zofia, you give new meaning to “you rock” no pun intended. I find your work/ study amazing and fascinating! You are up there with great geniuses of the world. Thank you for sharing and teachng what it's all about. Dig it!


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