About me

Thank you for having a look at my blog!

Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, I am a student of Classical Archaeology and an Artist living in Scotland. My passion for travel and Ancient History continues to take me to archaeological sites which inspire and influence my art.

With a Fine Arts Diploma at Langara College, Undergraduate degrees in Archaeology and History from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, I moved to the UK to complete an Master of Science in Classical Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. My academic journey continues into a PhD in Ancient History and Classics at the University of St. Andrews, where I research Aegyptiaca in Roman cities.

I started this blog to share some of these incredible experiences and locations, as well as the amazing history behind them. The photos and drawings on this site are by me, unless credited otherwise.

My gratitude to my partner in crime, Christopher, for comments and listening to me endlessly discuss Ancient History.